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Epic Hilarity, Courtesy of Jen MacD, Nice Lady at Large

April 22nd, 2009 (12:53 am)

She definitely just walked into something she wasn't expecting. Like her sister Elsie. Or Gene making out with Buddy Rogers. Oh, wait, she already walked in on that once, so it wouldn't be a surprise. Or maybe she just walked into a room full of hippies. Or a porn movie.

WHAT THE EFF IS THAT HAT, JEN? Honestly, WHO let her buy that thing?! She looks like Sophie, having recently caught the eye of the Humperdink. 

This face is why Gillian Anderson needs to play her. Max has pointed out a bunch of pictures where Gillian looks [gorgeous] like Jeanette, but I think Jen looks like HER here. Ok, so this wasn't part of the original intent of the post [even though she DOES look like she was dragged here kicking and screaming and is ONLY making nice until the cameras leave]. Back to your regularly scheduled ridic'luss, Jammy.

HAHAHA. They were totally not ready for this. Old Man Copper needs to pull up his pants, Jen needs to swallow the last mouthful of Beefaroni and they generally need to get their mess in gear for the photograph. Let it be known that she's heading into church. In New York. On Easter. With a sack lunch.

...Of course she is.

Oh, 22 year old Jeanette. You make my heart sing. (Kinda makes me wonder how much all of us in this age group are going to change by the time we get through Paramount to Metro and make a few pictures, y'know?) Even though this makes me giggle [a LOT], ya gotta admit she's freakin' precious.

Amber Elizabeth, this is for you. Print it and gaze at it under the covers with a flashlight while I call and read you your Cosmo Bedside Astrologer.

So. Upsetting.

Yeah, I dare you to watch that without laughing/squealing/feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. 

I'm sorry---cancer sucks, but this will NEVER not be funny.

And one more, just because it's precious and sweet and my desktop wallpaper and my favorite thing ever.


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