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The Time Has Come.

April 2nd, 2009 (11:42 pm)

The Not-So-Ultimate Judy Garland Survey!!!
1. Name: Katie
2. Age: 22
3. At what age did you first discover Judy?: Age toddler.
4. At what age did you become a big fan of Judy?: Probably about age 4. We have videos of me playing Wizard of Oz and marching around the house singing Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. I was Dorothy for Hallowe'en when I was 5, etc, etc.

1. Films: ASIB, SS, MMISL, ICGOS, The Clock, ITGOS, no particular order. Depends on the mood.
2. Songs: Zing (the brassy later version), Born in a Trunk, Easter Parade, Hello Bluebird [the last note], Get Happy...and Purple People Eater. I don't know if that's a song, though. I'd call it more of a religious experience. Also I love her versions of Ole Man River and the Battle Hymn of the Republic.
3. Written biography: Oh lord, I don't know. That seems to be quite the topic of conversation these days.....eeep.
4. Documentary: American Masters
5. Website: thejudyroom.com and judycast.com ::snort::
6. Quote from one of her films: "I'm making an entrance - forty, fifty, lotta times." (LIZ, YOU CRUD, YOU TOOK IT. ALRIGHT. FINE.) "Newspickle."
7. Quote from Judy, herself: "The next one is sort of a striptease tempo. We don't DO it, we just talk about it!" (AGAIN, FRIEND. I'MA CUT YOU.) "STRAIGHT into my....derriere....I never sang so HIGH...or so FAST...I sounded like Vivn...Vivian Dellaaacheeasah..."
8. Album: Judy at Carnegie Hall, Judy at the Palace
9. Concert performance (filmed or recorded): The Carnegie Hall performance!
10. Episode of The Judy Garland Show:  Liza. Martha Raye. Mickey. JUDY SINGS LENA SINGS JUDY ...oh my god.
11. Judy "era": 1951-1967
12. Judy hairstyle: The Martha Raye tidal wave, obvi. Also her '44 bangs.
13. Story you've heard Judy tell: The Moth Story. lmfao.
14. Interview: The one given by the Great Lady.
15. Outfit/Costume: Get Happy. Also the dress from the Christmas Special, and the cute black thing with the fluffy skirt she wears with Mickey on the show.
16. Dance sequence: The Portland Fancy, Ballin the Jack, FMAMG, and I like what she and Fred do at the end of I Love a Piano.
17. Co-star: Gene, James Mason, wee Liza, the tractor
18. Husband: SIDNEY. LUFT.
19. Child: Liza May Minnelli.
20. Sibling: Jimmie

1. Liza or Lorna?: Liza.
2. "Judy Speaks" or JudyCast?: JudyCast
3. The Kismet Medley, Porgy & Bess Medley, or West Side Story Medley?: WHAT ABOUT THE MACEDDY MEDLEY, HUH???
4. Esther Smith or Esther Blodgett?: Esther Smith
5. The Palace '51 or The Palace '67?: The Palace '51 - in great voice!
6. "San Francisco" or "Chicago"?: San Francisco. And that lady that she never will forget = <3 too. Just saying.
7. Love Finds Andy Hardy or Andy Hardy Meets Debutante?: Love Finds AH...I think. Iuhhno.
8. Judy as a brunette or redhead?: Brunette.
9. Plump Judy or Skinny Judy?: Happy, healthy Judy.
10. Nellie Kelly, Sr. or Nellie Kelly, Jr.?: Junior
11. The Pirate or A Child Is Waiting?: The Pirate, if only for the epic tutorial on Why You Should Not Irritate Short, Ferocious Types.
12. Babes In Arms or Babes On Broadway?: Babes On Broadway
13. Aunt Addie or Aunt Inez?: Aunt Inez
14. The Born In A Trunk segment or Tea For Two?: Tea for Two.
15. Ziegfeld Girl or Ziegfeld Follies?: Ziegfeld Girl - adorable Judy!

1. Seen all of Judy's movies?: Yep.
2. Been to The Judy Garland Festival?: no, :-(
3. Met or been in the presence of any of her family members?: YES. HI LIZA WE ARE BIFFLES. YOU SMELL LIKE THE CLOUDS O' HEAVEN.
4. Baked a cake for her birthday?: alas...
5. Had a Judy cake for your birthday?:  Did I have an Oz cake once? I think I may have, actually. Hmm. I'll get back to you.
6. Watched Judy and listened to a CD of her's at the same time?: probably
7. Worn black on the anniversary of her death?: Probably.
8. Wasted countless ink cartridges on Judy pictures and/or magazine articles?: Welcome to my life in one sentence. Well done.
9. Made a Judy scrapbook?: I have a ton of printed stuffs in a binder, so I'm going to say that counts.
10. Done a project/report on Judy?: If I said I'd put on a show in the barn, would that count?

1. At what age did you first see Meet Me In St. Louis?: 8 or 9, probably
2. Do you own any commemorative plates featuring Judy?: We have one with Glinda, because Mom likes her, but no Judy :-(
3. To which side of Judy at Carnegie Hall are you more inclined?: Disc 2
4. What is your favorite song from Judy & Liza's Palladium engagement?: Don't Rain on My Parade
5. If you could estimate, about how much money do you think you've invested in Judy?: Not a clue.
6. Are you/were you a member of any Judy-related message boards/groups?: Yep.
7. What was the first Mickey-and-Judy film you ever saw?: Girl Crazy
8. What's your most prized Judy possession?: My DVDs of the show. Thanks, Liz <3
9. When it comes to The Judy Garland Show, would you rather watch Rich Little impersonate to the tune of The Man That Got Away or watch Ken Murray's Hollywood Home Movies?: KEN MURRAY
10: With Judy, would you rather sneak out of a hotel room with all your clothes on or play baseball in the kitchen with raw ground beef? OMG BASEBALL. AHAHHAHAHAHAA.

1. Copy & Paste some of your favorite photos of Judy:

2. Imbed some of your favorite videos here: (The imbed thing isn't working, so whatevs)