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Awesome and necessary MacEddy candid picspam

March 31st, 2009 (03:02 pm)

On a date, May 21, 1936. Could her grin possibly be any more humongous?

Being precious on the set of I Married an Angel.

On the set of Bitter Sweet. He is, in fact, biting her finger.

Her birthday on the Sweethearts set. This is, in case you were wondering, exactly how platonic co-stars (or better yet, FEUDING co-stars) behave on the set of a picture.

Here's another one, just for good measure.

It's really fun to have company on the set of the movie you're making with your HUSBAND.
It's even better when the company doesn't care.

On the set of the original Maytime. Even though things don't look like they're especially peachy, the hands must be acknowledged.

Being ridiculous on the set of Sweethearts. My favorite part of this is that there are people in the audience.

Trying to make Nelson drink some tea on the set of I Married an Angel.

I like to pretend that they're making a filthy joke about Gene. But in reality they're just being adorable, I s'pose.